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Everyone is talking about the dramatic results found by following the tips in the pages of the DNA Healer Program. Imagine if you could finally take control of your life and really be in 100 percent healthy condition. Imagine what this could mean no more headaches, backaches, toothaches; the list goes on and on. Not to mention other benefits like emotional health and being able to reduce stress and muscle tension. The DNA Healer Program has been used in many group settings, such as; weight loss groups, and in studies involving the elderly. These group studies will be discussed later in this article. It has also been studied in groups with patients who have broken bones with astonishing results.

Some of the studies used to research the DNA Healer Program include the following prestigious universities: Harvard University, Ohio State University, The University of Tennessee. All of these are known for their medical schools. So it makes sense that they would be studying new scientific techniques behind how your mind can heal your body. Besides, everyone knows that it has already been proven that changing the colors, pictures, and even smells in a patient’s hospital room can reduce the stress of whatever procedures that has placed them in the hospital in the first place. Scientists have proven that having a positive outlook has been known to heal the cells in cancer patients. That is why they tell people who have cancer to use visualization as a way to heal their bodies. You may be asking yourself, “Is it really possible to heal all the damaged cells in the body. What you may want to ask yourself before you read on though is if this is really possible how much happier the world will be when mutated and cancerous cells can return to normal, and body fat can be dissolved. Giving the whole world a new power, the power to naturally restore their body and mind to an optimal state of health and wellness.

For the first time in history it will be possible for people to do successfully what the medical doctors have been attempting but failing to do for centuries. Research clearly shows that by changing your mind you can change your health. Read on to find out how all of this is possible.

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Exactly who, is behind the Creation of the DNA Healer Program

Dr. Karl Weiss is a surgeon who lives in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Weiss has spent the last 20 years doing reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Weiss has spent the majority of his career treating people who have been seriously injured in horrible accidents, or by terrifying genetic diseases. The majority of the patients treated by Dr. Weiss are left with horrible disfigurements that would leave them scarred for life. While his work overall has always been fairly rewarding. As a doctor, you never lose the desire to do as much as you can to heal your patients and make their lives as great as possible. After all, that is why we become doctors in the first place to really heal people and help them feel well overall. However, the results while mostly rewarding sometimes do not quite meet the bar. This brings us to what brought Dr. Weiss looking for a solution. Little did he know that, that solution would present itself in the form of one of his patients.

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The Case that would lead to the Creation of the DNA Healer Program

In cases such as the following, you are always left feeling like you could do more. A patient came into his surgery table with a horrible disfiguration to the face after a tragic accident. While Dr. Weis was able to do the reconstructive surgery, the patient was left with a massive scar in the shape of an X in the middle of his face. Dr. Weiss was given the undesirable task of conveying this news to the patient. When he told the patient , however, he did take note that the patient did not seem upset. After that Dr. Weiss went on with his day-to-day activities, so the busy surgeon put the patient out of his mind.

Six months after the patient had been given the bad news he came back to see Dr. Weiss. The good surgeon could not believe his eyes. The patient’s face was completely healed! How on earth had it happened that a man who should have been horribly scarred for life could be standing in front of Dr. Weiss with no scars what-so-ever! Dr. Weiss was shocked beyond belief. He asked the man if he had been to some kind of specialist, as he sought to look for this doctor to learn from his expertise. The man stated, no! Then what had happened, Dr. Weiss inquired. The man simply stated that he had refused to believe that he would have the scar forever. The man stated that every day he visualized that the scar became smaller and smaller, until one day when he woke up and the scar had completely disappeared.

The patient had no way of knowing it but this would be the beginning of the creation of the DNA Healer Program. Dr. Weiss wondered how in a 20 year career of reconstructing thousands upon thousands of patients how he had never seen a case like this one before. Dr. Weiss set out on a journey of delving into 100’s of medical journals and digging through tons of research articles trying to see if he could find any other such reported cases. After many weeks of intensive research and long nights of labor. Dr. Weiss created a program that would be the answer to the health and wellness worldwide.

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DNA Healer Program – The Proof is in the Research

First of all, let’s look back at the stories we discussed earlier. Take one such study of the technique of the DNA Healer Program that took place at Harvard University. A group of housekeepers were studied and divided into two major groups. The first group of women were told that they were doing an excellent job and that they were currently meeting the standard set by the Surgeon General for what an active and healthy lifestyle should look like. The second group, however, was told nothing at all. At the end of the study the group who had been complimented on the great job they had been doing had lost several pounds of weight. They even had dramatically lower blood pressure and showed an astonishing decrease when they were measured for body fat content. Overall they had more energy and due to this they received an increase in their pay because they were better able to perform the tasks assigned to them by the large New York City hotel where they were employed at the time of the study. They also reported improved personal relationships and at the end of the study their general outlook on life overall was 60 percent more positive. The other group had no noticeable changes in their emotional or physical health what-so-ever.

Another study of this principles and scientific information found in the DNA Healer Program was conducted by Harvard University was where doctors wanted to see if this scientific research could have any effect on aging. These doctors took a group of men who were age 70 plus. They asked the men in the research group to remember what they were like in 1959. They were asked to speak as though they were even still living during the fifties. They admonished them to speak, act, and dress themselves as though they were living during this time. They were asked to fully immerse themselves in the identity they had during that decade. After just four weeks of acting on these behaviors the men in the group had better mobility, many of them giving up their canes and walkers. The majority of the men in the group also showed an increase in their overall body strength. They had better eyesight and showed an increase in happiness and overall better emotional health.

It’s one thing to have university studies, but how about an amazing study that was conducted at a Neurological and Musculo-skeletal Institute in Ohio. This may be the most amazing research study on the effects of all that will show exactly how the DNA Healer Program can really work. The patients involved in this study were patients who wore braces on their wrists. The doctors asked these patient to envision their wrists becoming stronger and stronger. By the end of this study every single patient involved in the study that were asked to do this specific visualization healed at a rate of 50 times the normal rate.

Even though these three studies results are astonishing in every way, maybe the DNA Healer Program still seems too good to really be true. Please read on for scientific information that is sure to convince you and change the way you view health and wellness forever.

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How the DNA Healer Program Teaches You to Use Your Mind to Heal Your DNA.

Could this all be real that simply by using mind over matter you could heal yourself; mind, body, and spirit. Let’s see what a nationally renowned scientist has to say about the matter. Dr. William Krantz wrote a research article entitled, “A Scientific Inquiry into the Reprogramming of our DNA.” In this astounding article Dr. Krantz states the following. “All of my research points to the fact that humans can in fact rewrite the way that their DNA is coded. This transformation will require no injections, pills, or medical procedures. All that will be required of the patient is the use of their mind.” The doctor goes on to state very clearly that the transformation that will be made by using the techniques in the DNA Healing Program, will be a full body transformation that will heal all of the damaged cells in the patient’s body. What will happen over all is that by applying the techniques in the DNA Healer Program scar tissue will disappear, all mutated and cancerous cells will return to normal ones, and the body will melt fat and it will be dissolved from the body. The DNA Healer Program uses “Genetic Hacking” to heal the body. This “Genetic Hacking” occurs through the use of your mind, and the DNA Healer Program shows you the way.
This is truly a breakthrough in the medical field and will change the outlook of medicine and treatments for illness forever. The program is simple indeed and as soon as Dr. Weiss delved deeper into the research of Dr. Krantz he discovered that there were really only 3 steps one needed if they wanted to consciously “recode” their DNA and heal themselves of all disease and cell damage as they did it.

First the patient is told to focus on the specific health issue he or she wants to address…
Things like:

  • Fighting or preventing a disease
  • Healing pain & injury
  • Gaining strength
  • Losing weight
  • Or dissolving depression

Next the patient is told to do a simple breathing exercise that relaxes the mind and puts it in a healing state.
Then finally, the patient uses a very specific set of “Visual Healing” techniques – where you picture the healing taking place. Your brain would then COMMAND your genes and damaged cells to heal themselves, without you doing anything else!

When the techniques of the DNA Healer Program are applied the results are truly astonishing. Dr. Weiss tried out these methods himself and is one hundred percent confident that they will work for you.

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Who Can Benefit from the Powerful effects of the DNA Healer Program

The great new is that Anyone and Everyone can benefit from the powerful healing techniques found in the pages of the DNA Healer Program. It is now completely possible for anyone, anyone at all to fully heal themselves; mind, body, and spirit. This means that someone could reverse the damage done to the cells in a person’s body. There will also be other great benefits when a person uses these techniques. This can all occur without ever going to the doctor. It will occur in the privacy of the persons own home.

While this may be hard to imagine, you can do this all without spending a single penny.

The protocol found in the DNA Healer Program shows you how to reverse the damage that is done to the body over time without spending a single penny. This has been proven over and over again in thousands of research studies performed by universities and institutes throughout the United States.

When reading these thousands of research cases and studies it is viable to believe that by using the techniques found in this guide one could even reverse the signs of aging. A growing number of scientists who have been renowned for being skeptical in the past have had no choice in the face of this research but to admit it is viable, even highly possible and that this could be a solution to medical issues everywhere.

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DNA Healer Program- Scientific & Medical Breakthrough- Hushed by the Medical Community

With 242,173 individuals across the world benefiting and healing their bodies with the techniques found in the pages of this easy to use program, you may be asking yourself “Why hasn’t the healthcare community grabbed this and helped their patient’s get well.” The answer is that as much as we want to believe that the medical community has the best interest of the patient as foremost in its mind; the truth is that the medical community like any other corporation is concerned with the bottom line. Doctors may enter medical school with the intention of really helping the sick get well, but soon after leaving medical school and joining a corporation they are forced to meet the businesses’ bottom line.

If this information got out and was used by everyone then there would be no reason for anyone to seek medical care anymore. This program is so powerful that many pharmaceutical companies have been on the warpath after learning about it.

Dr. Weiss on the other hand is one of the rare breed. After all of his research Dr. Weiss saw that there is a better way. He began to question all that he had learned in medical school. After reading Dr. Krantz’s research he just knew that he had to get this information out to the general public; even at the risk of being shunned by the medical community.

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What People are saying about the DNA Healer Program & How you can get it

“I have been overweight for years, and I had given up. No matter what I tried to do to lose weight, nothing worked. I saw the DNA Healer Program, and when I read the pages I felt like I finally had an answer to my issue. I started applying the simple techniques and I found myself feeling thinner day by day. I am happy to report that 9 months after I found this amazing program; I have lost a total of 62 pounds.” _ Stacy Bordeaux, Austin, Tx.

“When I was 5 years old I fell and hit my head, as I was riding my bike and not wearing a helmet. Ever since then I have been experiencing terrible migraines. I have taken soo many different types of medications that I could not even name them all even if I tried. I was looking up yet another remedy for my terrible headaches when I happened upon the DNA Healer Program. I was very skeptical at first, but I thought to myself “What if this could really help.” I decided to purchase the program and to my surprise after I began to apply the simple steps I really saw a difference in the migraines I had. At first it was just a difference in the intensity of the pain of the headaches, next there was a difference in how many headaches I was getting overall. After around 10 months of doing these simple suggestions I can say with complete amazement and sheer joy that I now only experience headaches about once every 6 weeks. I am looking forward to the day when my headaches have disappeared completely. I am confident that, that will happen by using this program over time.” __Jeanette Sanderson Tampa, FL.

“I bought the DNA Healer Program for my grandmother, as I really hope she could live forever. I love her soo much! I wanted her to be happier and healthier than she has ever been. I told my grandmother that we would do the program together and that is just what we did. It has been soo much fun spending time with my grandmother. And even more than that the benefits to both of us has been astounding. When I bought the program I had no idea that it would help me, but my energy level is through the rough and I feel so healthy. I have also lost 20 pounds and 12 inches overall. This was the best purchase that I have made in my life.”_ Gabriella Gonzalez. Oakridge, TN.

The decision is clear and all you need to do to get your copy of the DNA Healer Program is to click the button below. If your desire is to feel healthier than you have ever felt and to have more energy than you have ever had. Then get your access to your copy of the DNA Healer Program today and reverse the ravages of time. All you need to do is get the program and follow the simple recommendations for 10 minutes per day and that is it! Then you will be on your way to feeling a kind of healthy that you have never known. You can share these techniques with everyone that you love and increase their happiness and their lives by some 10, 20, even 40 years. That alone makes it worth it.

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